Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Honouring Yourself is an Act of Self-Love

Happy Self Love Sunday, Soul Lovers! 

Honouring who you are is an act of of self-love! However, we all need to recognize and honour who we truly are: Our divinity. We need to treat ourselves with the same sacredness as we would with any deity, because we are that. 

This is your Soul Love Minute. 

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Sunday, 16 April 2017

The Importance of Expressing Emotion

Happy Self Love Sunday!

By expressing your emotions, you are releasing energy that has been building up for a really long time.

If you are inspired to express emotion to someone else, then do so. It's not your problem they aren't ready to hear it yet. 

By holding onto these emotions, they will become a habit and situate themselves in your body. 
Release them to make room for better things. 

This is your Soul Love Minute. 

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Sunday, 9 April 2017

Releasing Old Emotions

Happy Self Love Sunday!

Have you seen the movie Poltergeist? Well....it's now become an analogy in today's video.
How deep have you buried those old emotions that you choose to ignore?

If not released, old emotions will come back to haunt you and create chaos in your life.
Releasing the old energy frees up energy for something new.
This is your Soul Love Minute.
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Thursday, 6 April 2017

Nourish Yourself

Your body, mind, and soul should be treated with the same respect, love, and reverence as any sacred place in the Universe. 

We have been traitors to ourselves, not respecting ourselves, not loving ourselves. We haven't been treating our beautiful selves, our beautiful hearts with the loving care they deserve. 

Nourish yourself not only with good food, but with loving thoughts and emotions. 

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Sunday, 2 April 2017

Your Old Thoughts and Emotions are Like Wearing a 1970's Suit

Happy Self Love Sunday!
Your old thoughts and emotions are like wearing a 1970's polyester suit: It's uncomfortable, it's itchy and it's not breathable. 

But, to venture out to get a new suit (new thoughts and emotions) takes effort, and it means stepping into the unknown.
Why not step into the unknown and see where the new suit takes you?
This is your Soul Love Minute.
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Thursday, 30 March 2017

Real Change

You might be saying, "Wait. I'm not addicted to my emotions. That's crazy." 

Here's the thing: If rehearsed over and over again, our emotions become ingrained within us and then become a part of who we are. We begin to identify ourselves with these emotions. 

When we try to change, our bodies kick and scream because it's not getting its way. Your body is actually wanting that chemical rush that it expects when you feel anxiety, sadness, frustration, anger, etc. It's used to it, and it wants it right now!

And, because you don't like this feeling, and because you don't like the unknown of the new feeling, you give into those old emotions to settle it down. The cycle then continues.
You can't get off of this merry-go-round until you deliberately choose to. No matter how much kicking and screaming is going on in your internal world, you will need to consciously steer yourself back to your focus, and tell yourself you are making changes that will make you better for it. 

It's like keeping a child focused on a task. When their attention veers to something else, you bring them right back to the task. This is retraining yourself to think and feel differently. This is where true change begins. 

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Tuesday, 28 March 2017

There are No Life Lessons

By calling the negative experiences in our lives 'life lessons', it helps us to explain why something bad would be happening to us. While these 'negative' experiences can help us to learn something about ourselves, about life, and how to handle situations, they aren't handed to us by an unseen force as a so-called lesson. 

If the negative situation continues to happen, we keep thinking that 'oh, I haven't learned anything yet. The Universe is still teaching me a lesson.' That's not it at all. We are given the free will to choose our experiences, and it is all dependent on the energy we are resonating in our thoughts and emotions.

If you continue to relive the same experience and wonder why, it's because you are still not addressing that garbage emotion that still brings the same situation into your life. You are essentially not being deliberate, and are falling into the trap of the old way of being. Even though you are 'thinking' that you want a 'new way of being', if your emotions aren't matching that, then you aren't changing anything.

If there is a lesson to be learned in experiencing repetitive situations, it is this: Be more discerning about how you are feeling and thinking.

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